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You may also choose to download the registration form according to the actual situation.

Summer Camp

2023-2024_Summer Camp Registration Form_Traditional 

2023-2024_Summer Camp Registration Form_Simplified

2023-2024_Summer Camp Registration Form English


For Kindergarten & Elementary School Section (Cantonese Class and Mandarin Class)

2024-2025_Saturday Elementary Registration Form_Traditional 

2024-2025_Saturday Elementary Registration Form_Simplified

2023-2024_Saturday Elementary Registration Form_Traditional 

2023-2024_Saturday Elementary Registration Form_Simplified


Saturday High School Section(Cantonese Class and Mandarin Class)

2024-2025_High School Registration Form_Saturday_Traditional

2024-2025_High School Registration Form_Saturday_Simplified

2023-2024_High School Registration Form_Saturday_Traditional

2023-2024_High School Registration Form_Saturday_Simplified

小學星期日班(僅普通話)– For Kindergarten & Elementary School Section (Only Mandarin Class)

2024-2025_Sunday Elementary School Registration Form

2023-2024_Sunday Elementary School Registration Form

中學星期日班(僅普通話)Sunday High School Section (Only Mandarin Class)

2024-2025_Sunday High School Registration Form

2023-2024_Sunday High School Registration Form

2023-2024年度學生註冊章程 Registration Guidelines for Student Enrollment 



2024-2025 Registration_English_Guideline



2023-2024 Registration_English_Guideline


說明 Note:

• 請先下載註冊表; 將註冊表保存到電腦上; Please download the appropriate registration form and save it to your computer.
• 然後打印註册表, 填寫完成檢查無誤,請再次保存; Then, print out and complete the form and save again the completed form.
• 如果您有多個孩子,請注意修改檔案名,以確保每個孩子都有一份自己的註冊表;If you have more than one child, please pay attention to modify the file name to ensure that each child has a copy of their own registration form;
• 填妥之註册表可以附件形式發送至[email protected];You can email the completed registration form as an attachment to [email protected].