Apply To Calgary Chinese Private School

Detail About How To Apply

To apply for enrollment and experience our interactive and engaging Chinese lessons, express your interest and make inquiries by calling us at +1 4032642233 or emailing us at [email protected]. We welcome your curiosity and are ready to assist you in the application process.

The Application Process


Download the registration form

Please download the forms here



Fill out the registration form and either email it to the school ([email protected]) or submit it in person at the school.


Interviewing Process

As part of the registration process, students will undergo an interview and a written test to determine their proficiency and suitability for the classes offered. The purpose is to assess the student’s skills and knowledge, helping to place them in an appropriate class.


Confirmation of Class Placement

If accepted, the school office will send a confirmation email or notification regarding the class placement. This will include details about the next steps in the enrollment process.


Confirmation for payment

Payment can be made in cash, by check, or through E-transfer to [email protected]. For E-transfer, include the student’s name and the enrolled class in the message field. Email the security question answer to the school.

Upon receiving the tuition fee, the school will send a confirmation email along with the class guidelines. This finalizes the registration process.


Completion of Registration

With the confirmation of payment and receipt of class guidelines, the student’s registration is complete, and they are officially enrolled in the chosen class.