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School History

            The Calgary Chinese Private School was founded in 1916 by a group of dedicated and passionate overseas Chinese. Working closely with local churches, their purpose is to preserve and propagate Chinese language and culture. In March of 1939, the school had registered to become a legitimate educational institution. Afterward, it changed its name to Calgary Chinese Public School and has been the premier Chinese language school in the city of Calgary. The CCPS is also the first Chinese language school to be accredited by Alberta Learning.

            For decades, under the support of various organizations and individuals, Calgary Chinese Public School has undergone an extraordinary transformation. Now, it has been developed into a full-fledged learning centre with its own campus. The school staffs are highly-qualified, respected and experienced. They are certified teachers from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Canada. Many of them have received outstanding teacher awards from various education organizations in China. However, regardless of their backgrounds, the school staffs work ceaselessly to further improve student experience and the quality of instructions.

            The ultimate goal of the CCPS is to propagate Chinese language and culture, and in the process, foster students to be virtuous, intelligent, physically active, gregarious and graceful. For more than half a century, alumni of CCPS have spread across the world, from Canada all the way to China, and all the places in between. Utilizing their bilingual skills, these individuals are performing brilliantly in their respective fields and serving their communities.


廣東話班 /普通話班

班級:• 幼稚園:幼高、幼低班

  • 小學: 一年級至六年級
  • 中學: 中一至中六級

課程:• 語文課(必修)

  • 普通話課(選修):漢語拼音,聼、說訓練


   普通話班:繁體字 / 簡化字


  • 中四、中五、中六(繁體字 / 簡化字,廣東話 / 普通話)


  • 專設普通話聽說訓練課程,聽、說為主,讀寫為輔,快樂學習,激發興趣,



  • 幼稚園
  • 小學初級組、高級組
  • 普通話班
  • 中學(廣東話)中一至中六級





  • 家長及成人普通話拼音會話班
  • 美術班
  • 武術、太極班
  • 中國樂器班
  • 中國舞蹈班



  • 廣東話班

   上午班   9:00-12:00am

   下午班   11:15am.-2:15pm.

  • 普通話班

   下午     1:30-4:35pm.

  • 函授班(中四、中五、中六):2:15-3:15pm.


  • 廣東話班 / 普通話班:9:00-12:00am.
  • 暑期班




校內比賽:書法比賽 / 作文比賽 / 朗誦、唱歌、才藝比賽

校外比賽:獅子會演講、才藝比賽 / 楓華盃中文競賽


Course List

Cantonese / Mandarin Class

Grades:        – Kindergarten

                    – Elementary (Grade 1 to 6)

                    – Junior High (Grade 7 to 9)

                    – Senior High (Grade 10 to 12)

Course Component

– language and culture (mandatory)

– 30-minute Mandarin Class (optional): Chinese pinyin, listening & speaking practices.

– traditional written Chinese (Cantonese class only)

– traditional or simplified written Chinese (Mandarin class)

Correspondence Class

Grade 10 to 12 (traditional/simplified, Cantonese/Mandarin)

Children’s Rudimentary Chinese Class

– Primarily focuses on the listening and speaking aspects of Mandarin. Reading and writing are supplementary. The main goal is for the students to have fun while learning and to stimulate their interest towards studying Mandarin.

Summer Course

  • Kindergarten
  • Elementary
  • Mandarin class
  • Junior High (Cantonese)
  • High School (Cantonese)

【note】every Grade 10, 11 and 12 courses are accredited by Alberta Learning. These courses are known respectively as Cantonese 15, 25, 35 or Mandarin 10, 20, 30. Upon successful completion (60% overall average or higher), students will be given 5 credits for every course, 15 credits in total.

Interest Classes

  • Adult Mandarin Conversation class
  • Arts & Crafts class
  • Martial Arts & Tai Chi class
  • Chinese Music class
  • Chine Dance class

Class Schedule


  • Cantonese

   Morning Class    9:00-12:00am

   Afternoon Class  11:15am.-2:15pm.

  • Mandarin

   Afternoon Class     1:30-4:35pm.

  • Correspondence(Grade 10-12)2:15-3:15pm.


  • Cantonese / Mandarin Class 9:00-12:00am.

Summer Course

  • summer courses take place every year during July, 5 days per week, 6 hours per day for one month. (For specific details on time, dates and location, please check the local newspapers.)

Extracurricular Activities

Intra-school competitions: calligraphy contest / composition-writing contest / speech, singing & talent contest

Inter-school competitions: Lions Club Speech Competition and Talent Competition / Fenghua Bei Chinese Competition.